the basin monolithic

The Perils and Pitfalls of Trunkie the Toilet and his friends

Days of Infamies Past

the adventures and exploits of the basin monolithic and his friends who decided to form a band.

House of Charm

Toilet training is one of many skills that Mr Trunkwood is proud to have.

Rambling at Dusk

Trunkie likes nothing more than to go for a sunset ramble

Toad the Heckler

Once one of Trunkie's best friends, now Toad is extremely jealous of his success.

Staying at Home

Seen self-isolating at his home during the Pandemic

Renowned for his stencilling prowess, Trunkie knew all about self publicity


Trunkie prides himself on being adaptable and has had various occupations in the past.



Accused of being Bill Posters, Trunkie has had a few run-ins with the law. 



Trunkie T-Shirts were all the rage in the 90s; as the saying goes, "if ya don't dig Trunkie, you're just not funky".



It was on route to the Tooting bus stop that Trunkie realised that there was more than meets the eye, between the earth and sky.