the basin monolithic

The Perils and Pitfalls of Trunkie the Toilet and his friends

Friends and Family Values

With a keen interest in the paranormal, our chums love talking to the dead; talking to Sprits by table-tipping or through the ouija board.

Trunks in his Virtual Reality game: Fantastic Fred & the Supersoakers, 

Trunkie's son, Trunks, gaming; about to be interrupted by his sister Zena. Both have now grown up and have no desire to be in the glare of the media.

On a photo-shoot for Flexipop! magazine: the theme was spring cleaning.

A rare pic of a social night out with Crunchie being the centre of attention


Cistern is Trunkie's oldest friend; in fact they left the ceramics factory together and both had polycarbonate refurbs in 2002.



Often meeting in the pub, they would watch other bands, nicking their riffs if they thought they could get away with it. 



Sneakpile is the musicologist in the band and quite at home in Trunkie's basement, working on chord progressions for new tunes.


radio play

Well known and respected DJ's played 280 Sheets' first and only record: Bamboozle Basin when it was first released.