the basin monolithic

the music of Trunkie the Toilet and his friends

280 Sheets & Two 80 Beats

the adventures and exploits of the basin monolithic and his friends who decided to form a band.

Trunkie guitar/vocs 

the basin monolithic composer

Cistern drums

percussion & programming

Sneakpile bass 

co-songwriter keyboards & effects

Belinda vocals

backing vocals & production

Two 80 Sheets & Beats MP4s

Expanded Loop

Gotta Get Over It

More Weather

Hoola Hula Hoop

Newport Bridge


Pocket Operator

In Clover

Anyone There


Dead Skin

Will It Be A Nice Day


Come In Peace

Don't Think So

Wonky Part 2

Up and Over

Bamboozle Basin

(There Can Be) A Way

Bill the Tomato