the basin monolithic

Trunkie believes his home environment is crucial to his creativity.

Home is Where the Art is

Belinda, a fan of the 18th Century, has painted a mural of Hogarth's Gin Lane on the side of their house

Trunkie guitar/voc

the basin monolithic composer

Cistern drums

percussion & programming

Sneakpile bass 

co-songwriter keyboards & effects

Belinda vocals

backing vocals & production

Painting has always been an important creative outlet for Trunkie.

Even though Trunkie has been advised to sell on eBay, he absolutely refuses.

Although he hangs his pictures near the door where he hopes people will notice them and maybe buy one.


Ready to rehearse at Trunkie's house; Sneakpile likes the acoustics provided by thick heavy drapes.



Toad was a regular visitor to the house, until Trunkie started to achieve recognition for his music, then Toad simply stopped going! 



Cistern practising in the basement of his own house.



Cistern and Trunkie in the House of Charm's recording studio