the basin monolithic

the adventures of Trunkie the Toilet and his friends who decided to form a band.

The Rise and Fall of 280 Sheets

the exploits of the basin monolithic and his friends, allies and enemies.

Episodes Galore

Recapture all of the thrills and spills!


Parlour Games

Home is where the Art is ~ shenanigans at Trunkie's house


Bamboozle Basin

trunkie and his only song on vinyl ~ view most of mp4s here


Keep Music Live

Back online after a six year wait to get the domain name back.


280 Sheets at Band Practice ~ Songs available here


Trunkie is the chief songwriter and the driving force behind the band. Now diversifying by producing Two 80 Beats.  


One of Trunkie's oldest friends and this sticksman knows a paradiddle or two. Seen here refreshing himself with a cleaning block. 


Multi-instrumentalist Sneakpile is responsible for all the musical arrangements of the band.


Belinda Bidet fell in love with Trunkie when 280 Sheets were on tour.  Her voice totally compliments the lead vocals of the basin monolithic.